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Time-Keeping Overview
Construction Engineer

Field First


Instantly know hours logged for each employee, and to which jobs and tasks.

Keep track of employee manhours for job costing, performance tracking, and payroll.

Simply send out  a    text msg  to deploy app to the field!!

Individuals or Foreman

Any  Web-Connected Device

Time Report



Weekly Hours


Quickbooks® Online

Download .CSV File

How Time-Keeping with Console makes an impact.

Reward hard work. Motivate employees.

Motivate the crew to higher productivity and reduce employee turnover. Every employee can see whether the time they have worked has been recorded, clearly & simply displaying their hours for the week with a thank you message; an important daily reminder that they are valued, building a positive work environment.

Spend less on overtime.

Management & Foreman can keep a visual on how many hours each employee has worked, each week.

Reconcile hours in the field first.

The foreman and employees can immediately resolve any issues and mistakes with hours logged, in the field. This reduces wasted hours spent by an accountant or someone in the back office having to contact employees to try and piece the correct details together days or weeks later when doing payroll.

Streamlined process reduces costs.

Go paperless. No more stacks of timecards to process. No more misplaced time cards to track down. No more illegible handwriting to decipher. Export data directly to payroll and accounting software.

En Español  Console can be used in Spanish!

Time Clock


time clock in 2.png
Phone Screen

Simple Clock in Clock out Feature

Streamlined Time Approval Process

See Total Hours in Real Time

Select Job & Task upon clock in (optional)

The fact that everyone can easily see their hours at a glance each week is NICE!

Jacob Francis, Operations Manager, Francis Steel Inc.


It is time to keep equipped with up to date features.

Keep track of Overtime, at a glance.

Using simple & effective bar charts, Management can see real-time how many hours any employee has worked. Foreman can see if any members of their crew are on overtime and exactly how many hours they have worked. 

Any device, anytime.

Use Time-Keeping with any web-connected device; Apple phones, Android phones, Tablets, or PC.

Quickbooks® ONLINE Integration

Export hours directly to your company's Quickbooks® Online account for payroll.

Simple Employee Onboarding

1. OPEN;

Simply share & click a link to your company account to get started. This will add the App to the Home-screen on their mobile device. No worrying about installing apps or managing outdated versions!


Efficient Employee Pin-code Login; It remembers the employee between sessions so they do not have to login on their own device every time!


Click “ENTER TIME” to report time to a Job & Task. If you prefer, Employees can report their own time, OR; Foreman can review, approve, or enter time for their entire crew!

You don't have to take our word for it! These folks are the real deal, watch them tell about their experience with Crew Console:

Industries Served:  Grading & Utilities, Commercial Concrete, Residential Concrete Foundations and Flatwork, Mechanical Contractors, HVAC, Underground Boring, Framing, Roofing, Fence & Deck, Demolition, Floor Polishing, Steel Erector & Fabricator,  Drywall, Finished Carpentry, Paving, Traffic Control, Concrete Pumping, Flooring.. Construction Contractors of all shapes and sizes!

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