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"Topping Out" Operations Management at Your Steel Erector Company

Powerfully simple solutions for scheduling, time-keeping, and job-tracking; for your steel erection crews.

Supports English & Spanish Languages!

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Console brings together 3 solutions

seamlessly integrated in one easy-to-use system designed for use with crews in the construction trades. 

Accessible on any web-connected device!

Use any one or two solutions as needed, or rollout all three to your crew to fully leverage the benefits of putting the Field First!  

En Español  Console can be used in Spanish!


Technology should be a tool, not a burden.

Especially to the crew in the field. 

Field First is a relentless focus on prioritizing the needs of the ones out on the frontlines who are constructing value for your customers and building the world into a better place.

Field First™ 

 A philosophy

  A game changer

field noun \ ˈfēld  \ : the sphere of practical operation outside the office

  //the crew works in the field 

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Crew Sceduling App

console noun \ ˈkän-ˌsōl  \ : a combination of readouts, or displays, and input devices by which an operator can monitor and interact with a system

  //the crew uses a console for scheduling, job tracking, and reporting time

Simple Construction Scheduling Software
Mobile Friendly Time Keeping App
Construction Performance Tracking

crew noun \ ˈkrü  \ : a company of people working on a job or under a foreman or operating a machine

  //the construction crew works on the job


Do you regularly spend hours scheduling and communicating with the crew, only to have to do it all over again when something changes? Console can help!



Easy. No fuss. Minimal training. Accurate hours for payroll. Low maintenance. Check out Console Time-Keeping!



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We come from the field. The Field First philosophy, enabled by Console, was born out of necessity in our own construction companies. We tried different apps only to struggle with getting our crew to actually use the apps properly, resulting in so much maintenance and upkeep that it wasn't worth it, and the data we did get was often unreliable or too late to make a difference. What we realized was that the problem wasn't specifically the apps, but rather, they did not bring immediate value to each field employee expected to use the app. We took a different approach, invested in some developers to build Console, and it paid off. With Console each Field user benefits First.

Console has made an impact. It has changed our crews' culture leading to increased profitability and improved lives. Recognizing the difference it has made, we saw the opportunity to bring a better solution to every one else like us. Since then, it continues to prove its value time and time again with each successful implementation in construction companies big and small. We have grown into a dedicated team of developers & support reps proudly serving construction companies across the globe.