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Welcome to our Console training page!  

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0:00   Setting up a new account from

0:58   Saving a link to Console on your desktop

3:08   Adding employees, adding employee notes, searching notes, making employees inactive

7:10   Staff members

9:13   Creating job tasks

11:42 How to add jobs

13:57 How to disable time keeping if you only want to use the schedule

14:51 Calendar walkthrough

16:49 Adding crews

17:46 Scheduling jobs as events

18:37 Day, week, year calendar views explained

19:49 Scheduling crews

20:02 Creating and sending out job event texts to the field employees

21:29 Into to the calendar icon - knowing who's been scheduled

0:46   Scheduling jobs events per day or for a length of time

2:35   Duplicating / copying job events from one day to the next

4:45   Sending people to the same job at different times

7:21   Changing event notes on long term job events

8:21   Scheduling a crew member to to to multiple jobs in the same day

10:06 Calendar Icon - Crew scheduled vs individual scheduled

10:42 Scheduling people by job roles instead of crews

12:42 A-Z and color sorting for crews, and the other buttons on the schedule page

13:18 Adding Equipment

14:58 Schedule filters

16:40 Inactive jobs are no longer on the schedule

17:35 PDF schedule export

18:16 "I'll be there" and limiting employees to only see the jobs they are on

20:34 Sending out the the login link for employees to put app on their phone

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0:00   Putting Console app on field employee's phone

2:00   "I'll make it" - how the employee say's they will be on a job from text

3:10   Putting app on iPad for employees and staff members

5:57   Selecting the type of time entry and setting the daily time entry reminder

8:00   Adding notes, photos, and attachments to a job - everything in one spot

9:29   Making something sticky so it's always on top

10:50 Adding task specific notes, photos, and attachments to a job

12:10 Intro to setting job task goals

13:58 Marking tasks as complete

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0:25   Entering time as a field employee - Bulk entry

3:28   How to see total time for a job and intro to payroll

5:20   Setting goals - Creating the check engine light

5:52   Making an employee a Foreman and allowing them to put quantities installed

6:27   Time keeping as a Foreman - See, enter, edit, and confirm crew time

10:06 Are we winning? The field sees the goals you set for them

11:42 Knowing when a job is in trouble - The check engine light is on!

13:35 Pace per task - How long it takes to do a task

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0:00 Clock in / out as an employee

2:05 Clock in / out as a Foreman

6:42 Payroll in greater detail

8:23 Exporting time entries as a .csv or .pdf file

9:16 Job reports page

9:35 How to see all your employee's time for the week at a glance

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