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How Time-Keeping with Console makes an impact.

Reward hard work. Motivate employees.

Motivate the crew to higher productivity and reduce employee turnover. Every employee can see whether the time they have worked has been recorded, clearly & simply displaying their hours for the week with a thank you message; an important daily reminder that they are valued, building a positive work environment.

Spend less on overtime.

Management & Foreman can keep a visual on how many hours each employee has worked, each week.

Reconcile hours in the field first.

The foreman and employees can immediately resolve any issues and mistakes with hours logged, in the field. This reduces wasted hours spent by an accountant or someone in the back office having to contact employees to try and piece the correct details together days or weeks later when doing payroll.

Streamlined process reduces costs.

Go paperless. No more stacks of timecards to process. No more misplaced time cards to track down. No more illegible handwriting to decipher. Export data directly to payroll and accounting software.

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