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The 4 steps to becoming Field First.

Step 1

Whiteboard Scheduling


Text out the schedule

Send schedule texts to anyone you put on the schedule.  No app needed!!

Job flags

Know instantly when a job is going over on materials, man hours, or pace.  

I'll be there!

Employees can tell you from the app that they'll make it to the job.

Enter and approve time.

Lead people can enter, see and approve time entered by crew members.


Enter time as total hours worked, by picking a start and end time, or by clocking in our out.  You pick. 


Time keeping

Step 2

See your time!

Employees can see what their total time worked every day and every week.   


All buttons automatically translate from English to Spanish based on user's settings.

Set Goals

Step 3


Fine Grading


( Actual / Goal ) 


( Actual / Goal ) 





dozer in mud.png

Create tasks and set goals

Set goals per job per task.  Let them see what "winning" is.  See your real install rates over time, per job and per crew.

Are we winning?

Employees can see that they are falling behind on goals and can add photos and notes telling you why.

All in one spot

Attach photos, notes, and links to any job or task.  One spot for your employees to get what they need. 

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Nov. 12, 2020, 3:35pm

Task: Fine Grading

Jose Martin

Contact us

Step 4

Are you ready to try a free trial? 

All of our employees have been in the field.  Placing concrete, running wire, and swinging hammers.  You're talking to people who really know how hard it is out there...and it's why they created this program.

Let's talk!!

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